• “Being our first audit, we were not sure what to expect. UPTG stepped in and within a couple of days wrapped up the entire audit with the State. We came out not owing a dime, paying only a minimal fee to UPTG and never even had to see or speak to the auditor.”

    Dwayne Thomason
    Owner, Thomason Funeral Home
  • "UPTG has provided extraordinary property tax service and fantastic results. The larger firms are hesitant to send their top people to meet with clients and gather data over several days. However, UPTG did just that with us. This dedication resulted in saving our franchisees over $100,000 each year over the last three years.”

    Glen Quon
    IHOP Inc. (Former Tax Manager)
  • "During these last three years United Paramount has saved our bank and several of our affiliated banks substantial sums, well in excess of $500,000 in property taxes. These savings go straight to our bottom line."

    Deborah B. Wilkinson
    First State Bank of Texas
Maryland New Jersey Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts Vermont New Hampshire Maine Florida Mississippi Alabama Georgia South Carolina North Carolina Tennessee Kentucky Virginia West Virginia Pennsylvania New York Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa Missouri Nebraska Kansas Arkansas Louisiana Oklahoma Texas Colorado New Mexico Arizona Utah South Dakota North Dakota Wyoming Montana Idaho Hawaii Alaska California Oregon Washington


Deadlines may vary from year to year. Call the local authorities to determine exact deadlines and dates.

Alabama 31-Dec Within 10 days of final publication of assessment notice
Alaska Usually Feb 15 - Left to Discretion of Tax Jurisdictions Within 30 Days of Assessment
Arkansas 31-May which goes the 10th bus. Day after July 1 Immediately after receipt of initial notice
Arizona April 1: 30 Day extension possible Within 60 days of notice being mailed
California Between March 1 and May unless assessor requires earlier date, but no earlier than Apr 1 Between July 2 and September 15
Colorado 15-Apr May 27 for Real Prop., and June 30 for TPP
Connecticut If mandated, by Nov. 1 to the Grand List being filed in January Between the months of October and December or prior
Delaware TPP is exempt in Delaware  
Florida April 1, may get 30 day extension for TPP if requested prior to deadline By the 25th day following mailing of notice of proposed property taxes
Georgia March 1 or April 1 30 to 45 days after issuance of notice
Hawaii TPP is exempt in Hawaii  
Idaho No Later than March 15 Appear before the County Board up to the fourth Monday in June
Illinois TPP is exempt in Illinois  
Indiana May 15, 30 day extension may be granted at discretion of Township Assessor Within 45 days of mailing of notice in change of assessment from Township Assessor, May 10th.
Iowa TPP is exempt in Iowa  
Kansas State Assessed March 20 of Current Year
Local Assessed April 1 of Current Year
Written appeal to County Appraiser within 30 days of assessment
Kentucky 15-May Informal Discussion after notice
Louisiana 45 days after receipt of forms or April 1 3 days after 15 day Assessor Review End
Maine Usually Between April 15 and May 1 Within 6 months of Commitment Date
Maryland April 15 (60 day extension available) Within 45 days of the date of the Notice of Assessment
Massachusetts On or before March 1 Within 30 days after the mailing of the first half actual or third quarter tax bill to the local assessor's office
Michigan 20-Feb following the first Monday in March through first Monday in April Personal appearance required for nonresident.  First meeting:  Tuesday
Minnesota TPP is exempt in Minnesota with the exception of TPP owned by utilities  
Mississippi 1-Apr County Board of Supervisors in August
Missouri Within 20 days of receiving blank form from Assessor  
Nebraska By May 1 By June 30
Nevada 31-Jul 15-Jan
New Hampshire TPP is exempt in New Hampshire  
New Jersey Before February 15 15-Aug
New Mexico Last Day in February 30 days from the date of notice
New York TPP is exempt in New York  
North Carolina January 31 (may extend to Apr 15) No earlier than the first Monday in April and not later than the first Monday in May
North Dakota TPP is exempt in North Dakota  
Ohio Between February 15 and April 30 On or before March 31
Oregon July 15 (30 Filing Extension through County Assessor by written request)  
Oklahoma Prior to March 15 of Current Year Within 20 days of assessment notice
Pennsylvania TPP is exempt in Pennsylvania  
Rhode Island January 31 extension to March 15 may be obtained by written request During the month March
South Carolina By the last day of the fourth month after the close Within 30 days of mailing of notice of the client's fiscal year
South Dakota TPP is exempt in South Dakota  
Tennessee 1-Mar Call for appointment in May
Texas April 15 with extension to May 15 upon showing 30 days from the date of notice or May 31
Utah State Assessed Property March 1
County Assessed Property - 30 days after request made by assessor
Vermont 20-Apr Within 14 Days of Grand List of good caus
Virginia Before May 1 (may vary) 15 days after assessment notice is mailed.
Washington 30-Apr Before June 30 of assessment year
Washington, D.C. 1-Apr On or before April 15
West Virginia 1-Oct During the County Commission Meeting as a Board of Equalization and Review during February
Wisconsin March 1 unless extended up to 30 days by written request to the Dep. of Revenue Prior to last day of Board of Review hearings
Wyoming 1-Apr Within 30 days of assessment schedule

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