• “Being our first audit, we were not sure what to expect. UPTG stepped in and within a couple of days wrapped up the entire audit with the State. We came out not owing a dime, paying only a minimal fee to UPTG and never even had to see or speak to the auditor.”

    Dwayne Thomason
    Owner, Thomason Funeral Home
  • "UPTG has provided extraordinary property tax service and fantastic results. The larger firms are hesitant to send their top people to meet with clients and gather data over several days. However, UPTG did just that with us. This dedication resulted in saving our franchisees over $100,000 each year over the last three years.”

    Glen Quon
    IHOP Inc. (Former Tax Manager)
  • "During these last three years United Paramount has saved our bank and several of our affiliated banks substantial sums, well in excess of $500,000 in property taxes. These savings go straight to our bottom line."

    Deborah B. Wilkinson
    First State Bank of Texas

...What We Do


Because no two properties are the same, UPTG has a variety of approaches at its disposal. We consider all possibilities before determining how to best fight each assessment. It may be that your assessment is where it needs to be. If that is the case, we will tell you so. We will not try to make a case if there is not one to be made.

Here are just some of the critical functions we perform for real estate holdings.

  • Review real estate appraisals annually to ensure reasonable assessments
  • Analyze income statements, rent rolls and comparable income data for revenue-producing properties to ensure a fair valuation
  • Review comparable sales of similar properties
  • Meet with appropriate taxing authorities after reviewing appraised value
  • File appeals with the appropriate boards of review
  • Research delinquent taxes owed and study previous tax years for potential refunds
  • Research tax exemptions
  • Conduct agricultural appraisal reviews
  • Provide litigation support when needed
  • Prepare and submit appropriate reports covering the complete property portfolio
  • Create custom reports for clients as desired


Property Tax Services

• Real Estate Consulting
• Compliance
• Business Personal Property Consulting

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